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You can tell Steve has a passion for coaching and helping to take people to the next level in racing. I spent a day with him at Whilton Mill learning the fundamentals of racing a kart and I progressed more that day than I ever have. It was not only a huge amount of fun, but the skills Steve taught me were invaluable and something I'd never have picked up alone. He's a pleasure to work with and a first-class coach.

April 2021 - Filipe Pereira, 

Just wanted to thank you for the training and tuition you gave me. I now have my licence and sent back my review to the MSA with a glowing report of the tuition you gave me.  I had my first club100 enduro race of the season at Buckmore park last weekend and managed to win it. The tips you gave me on braking have made a huge difference and was where I made up alot of ground on my opposition. I was able to use the braking techniques to stop later than most and also get the kart rotated into the hairpins by getting the rears to almost lock which helped get the kart turned in and get on the power early to power out.  
Thanks again for all the help. I will be back for more tution later this year. 
March 2017 - Craig Summers, Worcester
Thank you very much for Wednesday, as a family we learnt a huge amount about kart racing and what it involves and I thought the course notes you gave us were really excellent.
February 2017 - Julia Sheppard-Boby, Warwick
Many thanks Gary for yesterday. Really professional training from both of you. I am not sure we had used the kart to its best perform ce but both Gaspard and I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot.
February 2017 - Remy Hassenforder, London

I just wanted to say thanks for today. Both Joe and I had a great time. We thought it was a fantastic day’s learning. We’ll definitely try and organise something again
February 2017 - Samual Norris, London
James has not stopped talking about the day, sharing the video of the spin with his mates and has even started researching r-max karts ;-)
September 2016 - Stephen Mulka, Worcester
Thank you Gary, Issy now wakes up every day and asks if he can go karting again,
August 2016 - Osman Yusuf, Herts
I had fun today at Whilton Mill, the kart is so good and I enjoyed my time there, the Protrain Team is fantastic, the people and my coach of today! Apart from the ribs, I'm fine and very happy, I can't wait to get another day like that. 
April 2016 - Natalia Xavier, London

Thank you for today. William has told me today was the best day of his life after being born.
November 2015 - Sian Macintyre, Woburn Sands
Just to say a massive thank you to you for yesterday and the previous few days at Whilton. Dan’s progress has been quite amazing and Nick and I are so grateful to you for persevering with him and for your excellent tuition and guidance. It’s certainly a roller coaster of a journey we are all experiencing but one that is definitely worth pursuing. Just to see the smile on Dan’s face yesterday and today as he’s beginning to realise that by conquering his fears, he can do it, certainly makes it all worthwhile.
October 2015 - Patrica Parrans-Smith, Birmingham
AWESOME weekend for Teddy, thanks so much to you, Jason and the whole team.
March 2015 - Robin Thomas, Leamington Spa
I just won our corporate event at Whilton Mill in the Sodi karts, I was over a lap in front of everyone else.  So your tuition definitely helped me a lot.  Thanks
February 2015 - David Darling, Warwick 
I would just like to say thank you to you and Martin for my coaching yesterday, I was not sure what to expect but the day exceeded all my expectations. 
So please pass on my thanks to Martin. He is a tremendous coach, his instruction was always very clear and his enthusiasm and encouragement really helped spur me on. By the end of the day he really helped me understand what I need to work on to improve and has just made me want to get out on track and practice what he taught me. I would love to come back to learn more sometime in the future.
April 2013 - Richard Ruffell, Berkhampstead
I just wanted to whizz off a quick e-mail to say thank you very much indeed for a terrific day at Whilton Mill. Would you please pass on my thanks to Jim for a being an extremely kind, patient and knowledgeable race engineer. I enjoyed his company immensely.
What did I make of it all? Good question. As I sit here with a nice cup of tea, I feel as though I have been beaten with baseball bats. I'm not sure if I will be able to walk tomorrow. I suppose it will get me out of the decorating....
To be honest, I felt like a man with his mouth over a fire hydrant - some of the stuff went in, most of it gushed out of the sides. I did not expect the kart to be all that challenging to drive. That was misconception number one. The experience was much more immediate, physical and intense than I was expecting. I did not mind driving on wet tyres as much as I thought. I enjoyed driving on slick tyres less than I imagined. I don't know if it was a result of changeable and/or damp track conditions, or the fact that I was getting tired towards the end. The last session was disappointing, and I felt that I let myself and Jim down. The times should have tumbled on an improving track, but ultimately were not that different than the ones from the session before on wet tyres. I think overdriving the kart is probably to blame here, as I was getting a little ragged. Which brings me neatly on to misconception number two. I thought I was fit enough to deal with the day's events. Absolutely not. I was unprepared for the lateral loads involved (especially on slick tyres), and the net result is a sore neck, arms and shoulders. On track it translated into driver fatigue, loss of concentration, and me hanging on to the steering wheel for grim death. Not conducive to smooth flowing driving, or neat, accurate lines.
The answer to that one is in my hands and is fairly obvious. Less interest in doughnuts, and more interest in core strength.
The rest I think is down to seat time.
September 2012 - John Bletcher, Northampton 
"The Kart performance was amazing and my instructor, Martyn was really friendly, made me feel good and an excellent coach. He was very, very helpful in ensuring my technique and times kept improving."
Anon training day delegate via Survey Monkey
Following a recent survery of training delegates we were thrilled to find out that 100% thought their training experience was everything they expected with almost 60% commenting that it was BETTER than expected, almost 90% said they would use Protrain again with the others commenting that they were unlikely to need to. 95% felt well prepared for their day with 100% positive feedback on the days trainer and agenda.
Comments and responses were collected annonymously but included, Protrain are the "Best in their Field", I will use Protrain again because of their "Expertise and excellent service", Tim is a "Fantastic Instructor" and Protrain is a "Very Friendly Team."
We would like to thank all respondents most sincerely for their custom and taking the time to comment so favourably on their experience.
Source Survey Monkey August 2012
Please pass on a big thank you to Scott and everybody for their time and efforts yesterday showing me the ropes. I hope your kart isn't feeling too bruised this morning after my spins and slides. I was a little embarrassed by my erratic driving to begin but over the 8 sessions Scott helped me start afresh, let go of my bad habits and put some clean laps together by applying the basics.

All in all a fab day and I really appreciate having had the opportunity as a novice to train with your team and have met you all.

April 2012 - Nico Lawes, Shepperton

Thank your guys for yesterday they were very professional and did an excellent job!

March 2012 - Stuart Smith, former National Champion, Leicester
Just a quick note from Mum and Dad to say how impressed we were with the day and thought that the Instructor – Tim – especially deserves a mention for being patient, encouraging, dedicated and generally the star of the day.
Thanks to him and all the team the day was very much enjoyed.
February 2012 - Joanne Dawson, Northants

Jac had a really awesome day today & successfully passed his test!

I want to personally thank you for a truly professional day and a very well run outfit.
Martins attention,assistance encouragement and professionalism was second to none and he is a credit to your company. The whole way he conducted himself and made Jac feel at ease at each stage of the process was impecible.

September 2011 - Alan Maybin, Brackley

I’m now back at the hotel and I just thought that I’d drop you a note, to thank you for the great couple of days that you gave me.  Scott and Martin were brilliant….very positive,  patient with me and obviously really passionate about karting.
September 2011 - Michael Tiernan, Portugal
Just to say, a brilliant day all round !  it was a real bonus for Laura to have Georgie there as so few girls seem to be karting and she was great to meet anyway.
Anyway, many thanks for a really refreshing approach, much learned through the day and very enjoyable to boot.
August 2011 - Kevin and Laura Ehren, Switzerland
Anyway, as weird as this may sound, I just wanted to thank you for giving me that day last year as it really did help me get my bum in gear to get involved with owner driver karting. For the past two months and for the foreseeable future, Ive been writing columns in Karting Magazine as well which has been an experience!!
Anyhow, Ill leave you be, I just wanted to say thank you for being helpful and accommodating when no one else would. 
March 2011 - Andy Gould, Hereford
Just a quick note to say thank you for today's training, and your thoroughly professional team.
Sean was absolutely delighted with the whole day, and is whole-heartedly looking forward to next week.
October 2010 - Andrew Brierley, Surrey