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Protrain Racing Products Limited is an organisation that has been involved in karting since 1982. Members of its team first raced in karts in 1969. The company was originally a training organisation, which first ran karting courses in 1982. It has developed into a world leading company covering all areas of the karting industry. The company is also recognised as one of the world leaders in kart centre design. They have been designing circuits for over fifteen years. They are proud that one of their designs in Egypt was chosen by Rotax to host the Rotax Max World Finals and full CIK International level.

The company utilises two main consultants in the development of kart centres.

Gary Chapman

Gary Chapman has been deeply involved in the development of the Motorsport UK (MS UK) training scheme and Association of Racing Karts Schools (ARKS) test and as a previous Chairman of ARKS is considered the leading authority in the United Kingdom on kart driver training. Gary's worldwide track experience and knowledge is used particularly at the start of a project in the design of the circuit and its facilities.

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman is the past Chairman of the MSA Kart Committee, which controls and directs karting in the United Kingdom. He is also the President of the Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC) and runs one of the UK's leading kart clubs. He sits on the Kart Control Board that is the UK's main legislatory body particularly involved with the operation of kart centres and handling health and safety issues. Steve represents the MSA on health and safety matters in karting and liaises with the National Karting Association in discussions with the British Health and Safety Executive. He is one of the senior International Clerks of Course in the UK controlling International and National Championship events.

In relation to the construction and development of a new kart circuit Protrain Racing Products Ltd offer guidance in the following areas:

  • Circuit placement within a country
  • Circuit design
  • The basic requirements for a building
  • Fine detail within circuit construction, specialised features
  • Advice on the purchase of karts**
  • Advice on the purchase of race control computing equipment**
  • Advice on the management of the kart centre
  • Training of circuit and maintenance staff, tool requirements etc
**Whilst advice is given Protrain Racing Products Ltd are totally neutral and make a point of not taking any commission from vendors, allowing the client to select the equipment that they feel provide the features that they desire.

Circuit Placement

Whilst we understand that the availability of land may constrain a client to a particular location we are happy to advise on the suitability of an area for the development of a kart circuit. We consider the surrounding area, its population, the evenness of the ground proposed and its possibilities with regard to track layout proposals and other proposed developments of the area.

Circuit Design

The design of a circuit is not simply filling the area available with track. The circuit area must be capable of handling the vehicles expected to attend race meetings and other events. The track must be capable of providing entertainment sufficient to encourage clients to return. The track must incorporate features that test a driver but that do not place the driver or the equipment at risk. Corporate entertainment karts and high performance equipment may be required to use the facility therefore the track must provide entertaining and testing features at all levels. There should also be an element of thought in providing a facility that may be attractive to other sports. The inclusion of certain features within the track design may make possible, dual track operation, multiple track options, wheelchair racing, bicycle racing, rollerblade racing or display areas for new vehicle introductions

Building Requirements

A building or buildings will be required to allow the successful operation of the circuit. A building must contain facilities that will receive clients, allow a drivers briefing, store clothing, store karts, allow the maintenance of karts and offer race control facilities. It is ideal for the facility to offer refreshments and viewing facilities for clients and those attending with clients. Drink dispensers and electronic entertainment facilities may also be an advantage.

Construction Features

Any race track will require specific features possibly not found in any other construction project. The quality of the track surface and under pinning, Inside and outside kerbing, run off areas, gravel traps, marshal posts or colour light remote signalling features, safety barriers and communication loops all require specialised experience in sighting and in some cases their general construction. Plans need to be laid that allow the passage of cables beneath the track and that power plants are available suitable for using flood lights.

Kart Purchase

There are many styles of kart available the majority of which are made in Europe. Some manufactures specialise in the corporate entertainment sector, some in the two stroke race sector and a few cover both aspects of the sport. Whilst we will guide a client through the options in relation to their circuit proposals we feel it is best if the client themselves make the final decision on which vehicles they prefer.

Race Control Computing

In this age there are a wide range of computing systems and programs that are related to the control of races, corporate entertainment, circuit management and equipment management. Whilst we will guide a client through the options in relation to their circuit proposals we feel it is best if the client themselves make the final decision on which computing package that they prefer.

Centre Management

Protrain Racing Products Ltd have a wide experience in the management of a circuit and circuit facilities, as part of a package we are able to train the staff involved with the control and running of the facility.

Circuit and Maintenance Staff Training

A safe and secure circuit is most important for your clients, we will train your on circuit and off circuit staff in the control of the drivers and the equipment, including engine and chassis maintenance, drivers briefing and marshalling techniques.

9 Design Portfolio

Examples of tracks using designs and consultancy by Protrain Racing Products Ltd.:

  • Abdelaziz Circuit, Saudi Arabia
  • Bridgenorth International Kart Circuit, UK
  • Danny's Karting, India
  • Daytona International Raceway, Cyprus
  • Ghazal Bay, Egypt
  • Ghibli International Raceway, Egypt
  • Mansour Circuit, Nigeria
  • Shenington International Kart Circuit, UK
  • Whilton Mill Kart Circuit, UK