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Tyro Junior Karting

Welcome to Tyro - new economical Karting Class.

Junior Tyro is a new cost effective introduction to the sport of junior kart racing. The Tyro class is recognised by the Motor Sports Association (MSA) which is the governing body of UK motorsport.

Compared with all other MSA race classes Tyro has a minimum qualification for taking part in racing, unlike other classes which require the driver to have passed an ARKS test Junior Tyro drivers need to have a short assesment and can race with a MSA clubman licence. 

Getting started

So what happens when you start?  From the MSA web site ( the driver (£36) and their guardian (£18) obtain licences.  Then you need either to buy a Junior Tyro or join in with the Tyro hire  click here to see more.
You will need to hire or buy race clothing.  To race you must have a helmet that complies with the MSA regulations. From 2013 all drivers under the age of 15 years must have a helmet conforming to Snell FIA CM2007 or CMS2007. Race suits must conform to FIA regulations and be marked as produced AFTER 1997. The date is found on the label behind the collar. Racing boots that cover the ankle and race gloves are also part of the MSA requirements.

The Equipment

The Junior Tyro kart has been formulated to provide low cost racing with the highest equipment specification. 
The engine is a Radne Raket 95 with a push button start know as TAG, Touch And Go!  The chassis is specifically designed for the intermediate tyre which is used on all occasions, dry or wet which means there is need for the additional expense of wet tyres and rims!  Setting up the kart is extremely simple as the only variables are the tyre pressures and the positions of the front and rear wheels on the axles.

Getting involved

You can buy a new Tyro kart exclusively from Protrain for only £2,900 plus VAT or you can see which events are available offering an "Arrive & Drive" option where you are able to rent the kart for the day.

To race you need to apply to the MSA for a "Kart Clubman" licence (£36) and the guardian also requires a licence (£18). You will then need to be a member of a kart club which will allow you to race at any UK club,  (Tyro Club £5, full club membership ~£60) .If there is a club you wish to frequent join that one as they will give you preferential race and test day rates. At a race meeting you will have a 5 minute practice session and if the driver performs to the Clerk of Course’s requirements you are allowed to race. 

Get involved now in this great new karting class, call Steve Chapman on 07711 606967 for more details email or visit