ProTrain Racing
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Kart Training Days and Karts


Training Content                                    Level 1 Level 2  Level 3 C4 S4

K4 R4

Level 5
Maximum Drivers per Instructor  3 2 2 2 2 1 1
Driving Sessions in a Day 4 5 6 6 8 12 12
Tuition Laps in a Day 35 50 60 60 80 120 120
Principle of Racing Lines
Apexes and Clipping Points
Steering Position and Control
Brake Pressure and Braking Points
Throttle Application and Acceleration Point
Maximised Racing Lines  
Locking Up and Hard Braking  
Controlled Throttle Application and Acceleration at Apexes  
Motorsports UK ARKS Driving and Written Test            
Advanced Racing Lines    
Trail Braking    
Consistent & Smooth Driving       
Understeer and Oversteer         
Chassis Balance         
Engine Performance         
Full pi Data Logging and Analysis            

Our Karts

Please be aware that all our karts are full Motorsport UK racing vehicles, no compromises are made.  They are set up as our race team karts for maximum performance.  Please do not confuse them with the normal leisure karts used at indoor and outdoor corporate centres.  They are extremely powerful, with amazing handling producing massive g forces which is why we provide rib protectors for dry running!!  

  Age Engine Power Chassis Tyres Top Speed Max RPM
Cadet  8-12 Honda 6.5hp Synergy Slick and Wet 60mph 6,500rpm
Mini Max  11-15 Rotax 16hp TonyKart Slick and Wet 70mph 12,100rpm
Junior Max 13-16 Rotax 24hp Tonykart Slick and Wet 75mph 13,500rpm
Rotax Max 16+ Rotax 31hp Tonykart Slick and Wet 80mph 14,100rpm