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How many European & British Champions will tell you their secrets?

The Protrain Racing Kart Team has been managing  and coaching novice drivers through to European Champions for over thirty years and is recognised as one of the leading kart racing teams in Europe. The Protrain Racing Kart Team operates at club championship meetings most weekends throughout the year and can take you from being a novice to a European Champion.
Protrain will provide you with the best possible advice as leading experts in the sport and the best equipment, maintained to the highest level, to maximise your kart racing performance.
It may be that you do not have the time or space to maintain and store your equipment and need professionals to carry this out for you, the Protrain Racing kart racing team will provide all of this and more in a enjoyable environment, free from the wind, rain and excessive heat whilst providing refreshments and seating.

The Protrain Racing Kart Team  
  • We are Twice European Champions and winners over 10 National Championships
  • For Novice Drivers from the Protrain School
  • Club drivers wishing to have the best
  • National Championship drivers maximising their performance
  • Club racing every weekend focused on PF International, Kimbolton, Shenington and Whilton Mill kart tracks in the UK
  • Testing every Wednesday at Whilton Mill
Continual Expert Advice on
  • Driving – racing lines, braking points, braking technique, clipping points, throttle application
  • Race craft – rolling laps, starts, overtaking, defending, slip streaming, winning!!!
  • Chassis set up – castor, camber, toeing, ackermann, tracking, tyre pressures, weight distribution, ride height, rigidity,
  • Engine – working closely with British & European Championship winning Steve Ogden Motorsport, Beddall Race Tuning and RPM, dyno testing
  • Carburation – jetting, float heights, low jets
  • Gearing – for maximum lap time and overtaking opportunities
  • Kart maintenance – preparation, prevention of failures, accident damage


  • Over 40 years experience of kart racing
  • Professional and knowledgeable Race Engineers
  • A Race Engineer to maintain and adjust your kart for you
  • Transportation of your equipment
  • Awning and refreshments
  • Preparation
  • Storage


  • Maximise your potential
  • Fast track your progress
  • Save costly errors


RH1 – Consultancy from £130.00
RH2 - Consultancy and Race Engineer from £255.00
RH3 - Storage, Preparation, Transportation and Consultancy from £275.00
RH4 - Storage, Preparation, Transportation, Race Engineer and Consultancy from £400.00
National Championship please call on request
European Championship please call on request

For all prices please add VAT.

For more detailed descriptions of our Race Hire Services please email us at with your postal address and proposed class and we will be pleased to send you a full proposal.