Our home circuit Whilton Mill

The Whilton Mill circuit is a technical circuit ideal for learning kart driving techniques. It features the full range of corners from hairpins to fast corners and double apex sections.

The circuit is used for National championship race meetings as well as club meetings on the fourth Sunday of every month.

It is known for the ability to see all of the track from the start finish area and is perfect for holding training days on.

Shenington Circuit

The Shenington circuit is one of the oldest circuits in the country. It first held race meetings in 1960 and is one of the UK's leading kart circuits.

Shenington has been modified numerous times since 1960 and now features one of the most notorious corners in the country, The Wilkins Complex.

The circuit is ideal for training on as it offers a variety of corners from hairpins through the technical chicane to the demanding Wilkins Complex.

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