Protrain is pleased to recommend
the Tony Kart Racer 401RR

The Tony Kart Racer 401RR chassis, manufactured in Italy, is CIK Homologated, and is a chassis that's beauty
is that it performs brilliantly in all categories of the sport for Rotax and X30 through to OK and KZ classes.

The Tony Kart Racer 401RR features:

  • Assembled 30mm Italian chassis in green
  • Full CIK 21 OTK Bodywork in white/green with Tony Kart Graphics
  • Lightweight Tony Kart design allowing easy attachment of any data logger dashboard
  • OTL 50mm hollow rear axle, Upgraded OTK brake system with vented disc
  • 8.5 litre CIK detachable fuel tank with better weight distribution
  • Aluminium bearing carriers with additional fixing points for seat stays
  • One piece bearing carrier supports for stronger structural stiffness
  • Lowered front steering column support to allow foot rest to remain at the same height
  • Adjustable castor/camber system, steering column position and front and rear ride height
  • OTK MXJ Low Volume Rims
  • Plastic Chain Guard, OTK fibreglass seat
  • Front and rear variable blade torsion bars

TonyKart 401RR

Tony Kart Racer 401S £3580.00
Tony Kart Steering Column Collar £3.67
Tony Kart Skid protection system £30.00
Tony Kart Engine side adjustable seat stay £67.80
OTK MXC Magnesium Rims £439.71
OTK Front Torsion bars 1.0, 1.5 & 2.0mm £55.05
Tillett Seats full range POA

Complete Outfits

Racer with Rotax FR 125 Max Evo engine and Mojo D5 tyres £6,425.00
Racer with Rotax Junior FR 125 Max Evo engine and Mojo D2 tyres £6,225.00
Racer with X30 Junior and Komet K2H Tyres £5,949.00
Racer with X30 and Komet K2M Tyres £5,949.00

For all prices please add VAT

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