Gary Chapman
MD & Team Manager, Multiple European and British Champion
Joe Ahrens
Chief Race Engineer, Coach and Instructor
Alex Tuzzeo
Race Instructor, Coach and Engineer
Georgie Chapman
Data Analysis Engineer & Instructor
William Daniels
Team Manager & Instructor
Steve Deeks
Chief Instructor
Jack Griffths
Instructor and Race Engineer, English Champion
Steve Cumbers
Starlane Data Engineer
Brian Holloway
Senior Race Engineer
Karen Taylor
Catering Manager
Jim Jones
Instructor & Race Engineer
Chris Belfort
Race Engineer
Tom Garnett
Data and Race Engineer
Andrew Tait
Race Engineer
Taylor Woodward
Race Engineer
James Costin
Race Engineer
Murfie Aldridge
Race Engineer
Richard Wicklen
Race Engineer
Harry McQuillan
Race Engineer
Charlie Kent
Race Engineer
Jeremy Knight
Race Engineer
Nick Parrans-Smith
Instructor & Race Engineer

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