The course is designed to coach a driver on how to perfect their driving technique which can then be used at any circuit in the country. Additionally during the day we will be looking to maximise your kart's performance.

Course Content
A karting course aimed at drivers who are racing and it is preferable for them to be using their own racing equipment. Each training day is extremely intense and bespoke to every individual customer. The pi data logging equipment is easily and quickly fitted to the kart and transfered to Protrain's computer after each driving session ready for the debriefing. Each day comprises of an instructors' briefing, up to twelve driving and debriefing sessions plus a full data analysis of a driver's performance and assessment of their kart equipment.

The instructor will be working on all aspect's of a driver's technique to minimise their lap times, improve their smoothness and increase their consistency with the aid of data logging to exactly look at braking points, brake pressure, apex speeds and acceleration points.

Once the instructor is satisfied with the driver's performance they will move onto maximising the chassis and engine using the data analysis.

For drivers who are racing and looking for that final few tenths for victory and wish to analyse their technique and equipment to the ultimate degree.

Drivers may just need a tweak to their braking pressure, braking point, develop a technique to carry more apex speed, more controlled acceleration or even smoother turning to final those final fractions. The use of data logging will prove the results.


Level 5 Training Days Type Kart Cost
Training Karts provided
by Protrain fitted with
Data Logging
C5 Cadet Ultimate Kart Driving with six 10 lap driving and debriefing sessions C5K Cadet £495
C5I Micro Max Inter £525
C5R Junior Max
or Rotax Max
S5 Short Ultimate Kart Driving - eight 10 lap driving and debriefing sessions S5K Cadet £599
S4I Micro Max Inter £635
S5R Junior Max
or Rotax Max
R5 Ultimate Kart Driving with twelve 10 lap driving and debriefing sessions Junior Max
or Rotax Max
Driver's Own Kart
fitted with Protrain's
pi data logging
C5 (6 x 10 lap sessions) Any £385 plus circuit fee
S5 (8 x 10 lap sessions) Any £440 plus circuit fee
R5 (12 x 10 lap sessions) Any £565 plus circuit fee
Venue Whilton Mill Every Wednesday
Shenington Very Occasional please call
Timing Start 9am Finish 4pm

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