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Protrain develop karting in Rwanda with FIA President Jean Todt

The FIA launched a project to develop karting in Rwanda and asked Protrain as leaders in this field, through the UK MSA, to carry out this exciting scheme.

The project started in 2017 and ten Biz karts were sent out to Rwanda in preparation for the Protrain team to fly out and introduce karting to the Rwandans.

Our first job was to assemble the karts whilst teaching and instructing on how best to assemble them and most importantly how they will need to be maintained for the future. Jim Jones took on responsibility for this and taught over 10 Africans all the most important techniques and factors.

Jim was helped by Steve Deeks who worked closely with the personnel that would be driving and controlling the racing. Both held workshops explaining all the complexities of kart racing and helping the Rwandans understand the sport and take it forwards in their country.

The training project corresponded with the African FIA Congress and the Protrain team were pleased to be joined by the hierarchy of most of the governing bodies of motorsport from around the world including our own MSA and Jean Todt, the FIA President himself.

After seeing many Rwandans taking immense joy from driving a kart, the next highlight was getting Jean Todt into a kart for a drive.

The team left having imparted immense knowledge into the locals and we look forward to hearing of the development of our sport in this massively developing country.

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Protrain the first Kart School to have Qualified 1st4sport Coach

Gary Chapman of Protrain is the first karting coach having qualified on the MSA’s new accredited coaching qualification.

The MSA Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Motorsport in Performance has been over three years in the making and is designed to set the standard for coaching in motor sport. It was first piloted successfully in December 2013, when the first 10 Level 2 motor sport coaches qualified successfully.

The accreditation is listed on the Qualifications and Credit Framework, which sits within OFQUAL – a non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications, exams and tests. The awarding body is 1st4Sport, which works with the governing bodies of many other sports including football, gymnastics, rugby and tennis.

Gary will be educating all the Protrain Instructors on the techniques learnt during the qualification to maintain Protrain's acknowledged leadership in kart driver training and further enhance the training that we carry out.

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